South China Morning Post – Article 3 – Interview Follow Up

Our third South China Morning Post career article looks at how best to follow up following an interview. Article 4 will be published tomorrow (Saturday) so remember to grab your copy!

Please click the link to see the PDF:

SCMP Article 3 – Interview Follow Up


South China Morning Post – Article 2 – The Interview Day

Our second career advice article was published in last Saturday’s South China Morning Post – this article looks at the Interview Day itself and some tips on how to make things go smoothly.

Please click the following link to see the PDF of the article:

The Interview Day

Ellicott Long – South China Morning Post

We are pleased to announce that we have been approached by Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post to write a regular column providing career advice. Starting from last Saturday, 18th May, we will be writing a series over the coming weeks aimed to help readers who are going through the process of changing position.

Please see the link to our first article below in this post and remember to pick up your copies of SCMP over the coming weeks to read our continuing advice series.

Link to article PDF:

Career Advice – 18/5/13