I Really Need to Quit My Job in Hong Kong – But What About My Employment Visa?

Sometimes, jobs just don’t work out in Hong Kong, especially if there is a personality conflict with your direct superior. The question is then begged as to what the employment visa implications are for leaving the firm that currently sponsors your work visa?

Author of the Hong Kong Visa Handbook, Stephen Barnes, has prepared this video response to this question which can, all too often, impact negatively on your career in the HKSAR.



Opinion Poll: January 2013

Welcome to the first poll of 2013!

This month we are keen to find out what influences your decision to join a company or not when taking aside the obvious factors such as salary, benefits and job title. That is, what else do you really take into account before you say yes or no to a job offer. Please select up to 3 answers and we are sure there are many other reasons we have not added which you may take into account – if this is the case, please click “other” and tell us the reason.

We will discuss the results at the end of the month. As this is a busy time for job seekers generally we really want to understand what sways your decision ultimately.

Monthly Update: December 2012

Happy New Year to you all and we hope you all have a prosperous 2013!

Poll Result

In December we asked our followers and readers to tell us what they thought about how the Construction and Property industry in Asia had performed in 2012. Throughout last year we had conducted polls to gauge sentiment at that time but we were keen to see what people thought now the year had actually finished. Here are the results:

The vast majority of respondents, 56%, actually felt 2012 was “ok” – this implies that growth continued but wasn’t anywhere near the levels experienced in previous years. The fact that 40% of people felt there was a slight slowdown in fact shows how unusual 2012 perhaps was. With 96% of you all saying it was either ok or slightly slow, this fits in with the sentiment we experienced across the market. Not to say that we were not busy with positions but the clients were exhibiting high levels of caution. Talking to people in the industry, the reason for this caution seemed to lie with the change of government in China which took place in November – a lot of companies were not sure how this would influence the markets in the region and as such a lot of companies took a very slow, cautious approach to their growth and development. What we would say is that since the changeover, sentiment has improved drastically in line with the seemingly better economic news coming from China and companies are extremely positive about prospects in the coming year. How this reflects on recruitment will probably take some time to show itself. We think that we will continue to receive high levels of vacancies from our clients this year but many will want to maintain their cautious approach to hiring ensuring they are getting the right people for the jobs they need to fill. We sense that the way firms hire in Asia has matured in 2012 and the boom and bust culture of company growth of previous years has now been replaced by a more planned and measured approach to hiring. Either way we still need lots of people (see below)!

What’s Hot

December is traditionally a wind down month in the run up to holidays – not this year for us!

Within our Sales, Marketing and Leasing business we were inundated with new vacancies from our clients. A big area of focus was for retail leasing staff – anywhere from junior to Director level appointments in both Hong Kong and China. We have also been given a number of senior mandates for Director level candidates for key developers opening new portfolios in China – these will be opportunities for leasing and property management individuals and will offer significant packages for the successful candidates. A number of new marketing positions within developers have also come through and we are confident that if you are a leasing or marketing professional in Hong Kong or China, with experience in a developer, particularly within the retail sector, then it is likely we can assist you.

Within architecture and design, vacancies from our clients in China kept coming through. Strong design led architects are needed by a number of high profile firms in Shanghai and Beijing. They key here really is design ability and how the candidate can communicate their ideas effectively to the team and to clients. A number of our clients are really pushing for prestigious high quality work at the moment and if you are an architect, either locally based or working overseas in a strong design firm, there are opportunities in China to really unleash your design potential and gain creative freedom. Similarly we still need talent interior designers in Hong Kong – particularly those with commercial and hotel backgrounds. Retail interiors candidates in China are also still required. Good all round designers are preferred – those with good design AND technical ability. Senior opportunities still exist for Design Director level candidates in Shanghai and Beijing – possibly Shenzhen. Whilst overseas candidates again may be considered, really the clients have been able to shortlist applicants locally. If you are overseas and working within a top design name this will be of interest to our clients. Want to work in China in 2013 and experience life in a dynamic and developing market? Then please do get in touch.

Roles for Project Management professionals within our developer clients continue to flow in. Clients still need people to be stationed in China in various locations. If you can be flexible in what you will consider they will pay you well and offer some truly outstanding projects to work on! Candidates with architectural backgrounds remain in highest demand although we are also looking for Design Manager/Project Managers with interior design backgrounds too. Similarly there are a number of very high profile developers looking for candidates in their Hong Kong offices. These candidates must have strong Hong Kong delivery experience and preferably within the luxury residential space – no prizes for guessing what types of properties our developer clients are on in Hong Kong at the moment! Despite the press suggesting a cooling of the residential market in Hong Kong, our clients are still growing their teams in this space and the indications we have are that they plan to continue to build residential projects in the coming years. For all our Project Management positions we are able to accommodate candidates ranging from Assistant Project Managers through to Project Directors. All our clients are offering really strong financial incentives to join them and if you are thinking about making the switch from consultancy side to the developer side then we have opportunities in a number of firms to do so.

Most Urgent Requirements

We have outlined below the urgent vacancies we have had through from clients over the last month.

  • Project Managers – Hong Kong based on Hong Kong luxury residential projects
  • Senior Interior Designers – hotel and corporate experience for firms in Hong Kong
  • Senior Design Architects – China – Creativity is key here.
  • Interior Project Managers – China and Hong Kong options within top tier developers
  • Leasing Director – China – key position working on a prestigious portfolio for an international developer
  • Leasing Officers and Senior Leasing Officers – Retail experience candidates for a developer in Hong Kong
  • Senior Project Managers – China – delivery experts needed for a number of projects in China
  • Senior Manager Leasing – team leadership position in Hong Kong to manage the entire team within this listed developer
  • Interior Designers and Senior Interior Designers – Hong Kong based positions within an Established Design Name
  • Senior Architects – China – good all round individuals capable of design and delivery.
  • Project Managers – anyone willing to be stationed in China on some truly epic projects! Hong Kong positions too…

We also have many, many more roles posted on our website and these are only an overview of our top positions at this time. Please check back regularly. The easiest way to stay up to date with our latest positions is to follow us on Twitter.

Please visit our website for more information on the above roles and our other vacancies:


If you wish to inquire about a position please send an email and your CV to apply@ellicottlong.com.

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