What Hong Kong Visa Options Exist For Unmarried Trailing Partners?

Continuing with our video series focusing on Hong Kong visa advice we this month look at the options available to unmarried partners traveling to Hong Kong.

It is well known that the visa and immigration options for unmarried, foreign national partners (both same sex and heterosexual) are very limited in Hong Kong.

In this timely and very useful video, author of the Hong Kong Visa Handbook, lays out for us the available visa routes to explore if you find yourself in this frustrating, yet ultimately solvable, immigration situation.


Opinion Poll: November 2012

*This poll is now closed and you can see the results below – thank you all for voting!*

This month’s poll is aimed at finding out what you look for when using recruitment consultants. From the options below, please choose the 3 that you rate as most important. If you look for something else not listed, please tell us in the “other” answer box.

We will discuss the results in our round-up at the end of the month. Please get voting!

Monthly Update: October 2012

Poll Result

Our poll this month asked you to tell us what reasons you have typically been given if you have been rejected for a job in the past. The results are below:

The top three answers were lack of language skills, not enough regional experience and unwilling to be based in certain locations. Unsurprisingly these responses mirror closely the feedback we get as recruiters. These three answers make up 62% of all the votes cast, a clear sign of what companies are looking for at the moment. We were quite surprised that salary did not feature as highly as a reason although candidates are learning to be more flexible in their expectations in a market where clients are more demanding.

One of the ways to minimise the responses outlined above is to ensure that if you are applying for a job that you read the job advert really carefully. If language skills are required it is no good trying to apply for a position if you don’t have them. Similarly with regional experience or the need to be based somewhere specific. If you don’t have the experience requested or are not willing to be based in the location advertised there is no point applying for that position. Clients are being very specific about what they are looking for at the moment and will wait for candidates that fit their requirements to apply.

Thank you for all your votes and we will soon have another poll for you all to vote on.

What’s Hot

October has been busy, even with the holidays in China at the start of the month. Needs across all our specialist sectors remain high and we have had a lot of new client referrals in the last month, particularly on the developer side. The sentiment to hire remains strong with our clients and most seem to be predicting a positive end to 2012 and a good 2013 to come which is great news!

Our leasing, marketing and business development sector remains very busy. Positions for senior leasing candidates with retail backgrounds are still coming through and we have positions from junior to senior level in Hong Kong and across China with some very exciting companies. We continue to foresee strong growth in this area of our business and strongly recommend you to contact us if you are thinking of a new position in these sectors.

A number of new clients came on board in October on the developer side through recommendations from our existing clients. Our project management sector remains very busy, even in the run up to the holiday period. It seems clients are keen to make sure they maintain the momentum in hiring to ensure they are not competing heavily for the limited candidate pool come January and post Chinese New Year 2013. As with previous months, the majority of these roles continue to need architecturally trained staff and we also have more positions for people with Quantity Surveying / Cost Control backgrounds. There are needs for staff to be stationed in Hong Kong and also in China still. It is likely that if you have a strong project management background we can assist you (depending on what you have done already). Our focus on the key decision maker relationships with our clients is really paying dividends in what we are able to do for candidates. We can get tangible and real feedback for you from people who are making hiring decisions. We believe that in a saturated recruitment market like that currently in Hong Kong this really allows us to add value above and beyond that of our competitors.

We have many needs for architecture and design candidates in China and Hong Kong. Some of these are quite senior positions and some may also be open to candidates who are not Chinese speaking. We must point out however that clients will still focus on those with the language skills as a first preference and to consider anything outside of this they will look for quite specific skills and experiences. Usually this will be extremely strong China based experience (3-5 years) or experience within a “starchitect” type company. We also have interior design positions in Hong Kong at a junior level for both hotel and corporate design firms. There is also a need for more experienced staff in these sectors.

Most Urgent Requirements

We have outlined below the urgent vacancies we have had through from clients over the last month.

  • Project Manager – Hong Kong based on Hong Kong projects
  • Design Directors of Architecture – Creative Leaders Sought for a global design name
  • Project Architects – Hong Kong and China – Project Runners needed for Projects Region-Wide
  • Project Manager Hotel Interiors – Consultancy Firms and Developers Need People Here
  • Retail Interiors Candidates – Immediate opportunities from Junior to Senior level
  • Corporate Interiors Candidates – Immediate options available at a Junior and Senior Level
  • Contract Managers/Quantity Surveyors – Senior roles with a number of reputable Hong Kong developers
  • Associate Directors of Architecture and Interior Design – key roles in Shanghai for a highly regarded design firm
  • Leasing Director – Luxury Retail Developer
  • Maintenance E&M Candidates – Top Retail Developer – still need people here, ongoing requirements
  • Leasing Managers – Key positions on retail projects in various locations in China. Top tier international developer
  • Marketing Manager – International design firm in China
  • Project Managers – anyone willing to be stationed in China on some truly epic projects! Some Hong Kong positions now too…

We also have many, many more roles posted on our website and these are only an overview of our top positions at this time. Please check back regularly. The easiest way to stay up to date with our latest positions is to follow us on Twitter.

Please visit our website for more information on the above roles and our other vacancies:


If you wish to inquire about a position please send an email and your CV to apply@ellicottlong.com.

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