Why Are Employment Visas Not Transferrable From One Employer to Another?

All too often, expat employees in Hong Kong misunderstand the arrangements which underpin their employment visa permissions – and go on to inadvertently break the law by starting new jobs or businesses without properly addressing the question of their immigration status.

In this most recent post on Hong Kong immigration issues, author of the Hong Kong Visa Handbook, Stephen Barnes, specifically discusses this question and sets out to clear up the true state of the law – and what you need to do to ensure you stay on the right side of it.


Opinion Poll: October 2012

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This month we would like to know what reasons you have been given if you have been unsuccessful in a job application, whether after interview or just from sending in an application. Please select up to 3 of the following and feel free to add other reasons to the “other” section if you have been told something else by a company in the past. We will publish the results at the end of October.