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Happy New Year to you all! We hope 2012 prove to be a successful and happy one for all our followers.

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Looking back on the year we wanted to re-post one of our most popular articles from the last 12 months – many of you have sent us your thoughts, comments and responses to this – for those of you haven’t read it, go on and click the link below to read a brilliant take on the Cultural Differences between East and West:



Happy Christmas from Ellicott Long!

Wishing all our subscribers, followers, group members and online fans a very Happy Christmas and New Year! Lots more to come from Ellicott Long in 2012 so keep checking back regularly to read our latest articles, vote on our monthly polls and see what we are up to!

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China’s Skyscrapers

As China continues to grow, some experts are predicting that as many as 20-30,000 new skyscrapers could be built in the country by 2030. That seems a staggering number. But when you have close to 300 million people predicted to be migrating to cities then there will need to be places for them to live and work. For this article we have picked 10 of the current crop of tall buildings under construction/ just completed in China right now along with some links to websites on them – this list is in no particular order but gives some of you looking to the East for opportunities an idea of some of the amazing buildings that are going up at the moment.

Shanghai Tower

  • Location – Shanghai
  • Height – 632m (predicted)
  • Completion – 2014
  • Architect – Gensler

On completion it is likely to be the 2nd tallest building in the world. This tower will stand alongside the SWFC and the Jin Mao Tower in the Pudong District of Shanghai. It will comprise office, hotel and retail space with innovative atrium’s or Sky Gardens throughout it’s 110 floors. A strong focus on sustainability has been incorporated into the design and on completion it will be both one of the tallest and greenest buildings on the planet.



Kingkey Finance Tower

  • Location – Shenzhen
  • Height – 442m
  • Completion – 2011
  • Architects – Terry Farrell and Partners

Another super-tall project which incorporates office, hotel and entertainment space, this was the tallest building in Shenzhen on completion. There will be a Sky Garden at the top with restaurants and viewing points looking across Shenzhen and over into Hong Kong territory.



Goldin Finance 117

  • Location – Tianjin
  • Height – 597m (predicted)
  • Completion – 2014-2015
  • Architects – P&T Architects & Engineers

This is a mixed use project which some say is on hold, other say is moving forward. Either way on completion it will be one of the tallest buildings in the world and by far the tallest in the rapidly developing Tianjin.



Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower

  • Location – Guangzhou
  • Height – 610m
  • Completion – 2010
  • Architects – Information Based Architecture

This is a actually both a TV antenna and sightseeing tower comprising a number of innovative features including a winding staircase up to near the top and a observation wheel at it’s pinnacle. It is one of the tallest free standing structures in the world and is quite unusual in that a relatively small firm won the competition to design it.



International Commerce Centre

  • Location – Hong Kong
  • Height – 490m
  • Completion – 2010
  • Architects – Kohn Pedersen Fox

Another tall mixed use tower which is currently Hong Kong’s highest skyscraper. The top 15 floors are now the world’s highest hotel. An observation deck on floor 100 offers views across Hong Kong harbour and will quickly become a leading tourist destination in the city.



Pingan International Finance Center

  • Location – Shenzhen
  • Height – 648m (predicted)
  • Completion – 2015
  • Architects – Kohn Pedersen Fox

This building will become the tallest building in Shenzhen when completed and will be at the centre of the new Central Business District. The building is part of a complex of buildings providing mainly commercial space but also retail, hotel and entertainment areas.


Forum 66

  • Location – Shenyang
  • Height – 384m and 351m (predicted)
  • Completion – 2013
  • Architects – Kohn Pedersen Fox

This is a complex of 2 towers being constructed in Shenyang, another rapidly developing city. Similar in function and style to Plaza 66 in Shanghai, the buildings will be made of mainly commercial and retail space.


Sinosteel International Plaza

  • Location – Tianjin
  • Height – 358m (predicted)
  • Completion – 2012
  • Architects – MAD Architects

This is an unusual tall building which will be made up of commercial, hotel and apartments. It has a honeycomb façade both to act as a design feature but also as part of the the strength of the building. Designed to be an energy efficient building, this project will be a striking addition to the growing Tianjin skyline.



Pearl River Tower

  • Location – Guangzhou
  • Height – 310m
  • Completion – 2011
  • Architects – SOM

This project, soon to be completed, is hoping to stake a claim to be the greenest tall building in the world. Using a variety of innovative engineering tricks, it is hoped to be a leading icon as China looks to reduce carbon emissions in the coming years.



Wenzhou World Trade Center

  • Location – Wenzhou
  • Height – 333m
  • Completion – 2010
  • Architects – RTKL

This is a mixed use tower of hotel and commercial space and is by far and away the tallest building in Wenzhou. There isn’t a huge amount of information on this project which just goes to show that even a building nearly as high as some of the tallest out there doesn’t necessarily get huge coverage in a country where super-tall is becoming the norm.



It’s worth noting that the Empire State Building at it’s 102nd floor observatory floor is 381m – of the 10 listed above, 7 will be higher!

Opinion Poll: December 2011

This month we would like to know how often our followers check out job boards and adverts for new positions. Are you someone who likes to look at new options everyday? Do you have a site such as JobsDB set as one of your browser favourites? We would be keen to know.

As always please remember to (anonymously) tell us where you are voting from.

Results to be discussed in our December Monthly Update.

Monthly Update: November 2011

Market News

Barclays Capital this month predicted that home prices on the Chinese mainland will fall between 10 and 30% due to the stricter policy controls implemented by the Chinese government. The effect of these policies is already being felt with prices falling in more than 30 of the top 100 cities in China in the last few months.

Outgoing Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang has sounded a warning that Hong Kong may enter a recession in the third quarter of this year. The effects of the economic difficulties in the US and Europe are being felt in the region and are likely to remain for some time.

Also in Hong Kong, the government has started to sound out the possibility of starting land reclamation again due to the strong demand in the region for space on which to build. The move will probably be controversial with many questioning the impact on marine ecology should it be given the green light.

Poll Result

This month we asked our readers what they expect from a potential new employer during the interview process. The results can be seen below:

The overwhelming majority of you voted that you think it is essential to be made to feel welcomed by a new employer – 63%! In fact, over 93% of you feel it is essential or very important at least – this result may surprise some employers out there where the expectation can sometimes focus to heavily purely on what a potential employee can do for them. In a competitive candidate market, where certain skill sets and experiences are in massive demand, we find that the companies who have the most success securing candidates to join them are the ones that really market themselves well during interview.

Thank you again for voting and check back later this month for another poll.

What’s Hot

We have had a very busy November with many new positions being called in. These are for immediate starts in many cases which is quite unusual keeping mind the time of year and traditional view on Chinese New Year starters.

We have many architecture and design roles in Hong Kong and across China. If you can speak Mandarin, have worked in China for a couple of years and want to work for strong international names, then we have opportunities available. These range from newly qualified architects through to senior level. Language is the key though and unfortunately candidates based overseas who don’t speak Chinese will continue to find it difficult. In interior design, the retail and hotel sectors remain strong. We have roles for designers through to team leader level. Concept corporate designers are also needed. Within urban design and landscape, Mandarin speakers are again required for roles across the region – more experienced candidates are the focus for most of our clients.

In project and design management, the developers remain keen to hear from experienced candidates to be based in China (as always!) – we also have an interesting position in Macau with a top casino/resort developer for an Interior Design Manager – this is a potentially very exciting position but does require someone with an interiors rather than architecture background. Technical requirements for candidates with skills ranging from curtain wall experience through to strong E&M exposure are still there. If you have a specific skill or expertise, we could well be interested in speaking to you.

Within our engineering business we are looking for a strong leader for a top international consultancy. This will be a Director level appointment to manage the civil and structural business for the firm in China based out of Shanghai. This is a great leadership opportunity for someone with China experience and the language skills.

Most Urgent Requirements

We have outlined below the urgent vacancies we have had through from clients over the last month.

  • Architects and Project Architects – China – landmark projects and the opportunity to work on the developer side with two of our biggest clients
  • Interior Design Manager – Macau – top class casino and hotel developer
  • Senior Interior Design Leader – Retail – Hong Kong or Shanghai – award winning design practice
  • Senior Interior Designers – Hotel/Retail – Hong Kong – top international design firm
  • BIM/CAD Manager (Revit) – Shanghai – a great opportunity to develop the CAD capability of a world renowned design practice
  • Urban Designers – Hong Kong and Shanghai – variety of roles within a growing award winning design firm. Bilingual candidates only
  • Technical Director Structural/Civil – Shanghai – senior appointment with an international consultancy
  • E&M Project Managers – China – top tier Hong Kong developer looking for top tier talent
  • Senior Project Managers – China – multiple roles in multiple locations for our many developer clients

We also have many, many more roles posted on our website and these are only an overview of our top positions at this time. Please check back regularly. The easiest way to stay up to date with our latest positions is to follow us on Twitter.

Please visit our website for more information on the above roles and our other vacancies:


If you wish to enquire about a position please send an email and your CV to apply@ellicottlong.com.

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