A Summary of Our Posts

We have a lot of new visitors coming to our blog – welcome if this is your first visit! We have been regularly posting articles, opinion polls and updates to our blog since late 2010 – we now have quite a library of resources at your disposal and thought that we would this week provide some easy links to some of our most popular posts from the last 11 months.


Our articles have focused on a range of topics but all have had a link to employment guidance/news, specifically within Asia and the Property and Construction markets. Some of our most viewed articles are below:

There are many others to look at which you can browse through by clicking here

We have also been regularly publishing a monthly Opinion Poll – we have always had a fantastic response to these and now have quite a selection of data you can look through.

You can also track our monthly news and updates by browsing from the following link – Ellicott Long’s Monthly Updates

Finally we have our many Chinese City Facts – we will continue to post these as regularly as we can – after all, there are certainly enough cities in China to write about! You can browse info on a variety of cities by clicking here.

We hope you continue to enjoy our blog and we have many more interesting articles to post in the coming year!


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