Chinese City Fact: Yangzhou

Yangzhou is a medium sized city of some 4.4 million inhabitants in it’s greater area with 2.1 million based in it’s urban area. It is a historically rich city (no pun intended) being known in the past as one of China’s wealthiest cities. Scholars, merchants, painters and poets have all lived and worked here.

'DSC_0151' photo (c) 2006, sjiong - license:

It’s historical importance and rich heritage however was somewhat destroyed during the wars in the early 20th Century and the city was in a state of decline. Railways replaced usage of the Grand Canal and the city fell into disrepair. It was only in the 1990’s that things began to recover. Now Yangzhou is a prominent tourist destination with sites such as the “Slender West Lake” and the “Tomb of Puhaddin” a popular draw. Yangzhou resident are also known for being fiercely passionate about their cuisine which is often extremely complex but without using an oily substances, instead relying on the natural flavour of high quality produce.

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