Useful Online Resources for Architects and Designers

This week we want to provide an article outlining some of the websites that we use to keep up to date with the latest news within the architecture and design industries. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section below.

World Architecture

We like this site as it’s updated regularly and splits up architecture news by region so you can really find specific and relevant information quickly. We refer to this site almost daily and it also has a newer section for Interior Design, WAN Interiors.

Building Design

This is the online version of the UK’s Building Design magazine. It’s still currently free to look through the online version – you just have to register and you can browse the site at your leisure. Useful extra features come out annually including a World Architecture 100 supplement which highlights the world’s biggest architectural practices.

Architects Journal

Another online version of a UK magazine. Some free articles still available although a paid subscription is now required for most content.

Hong Kong Institute of

A useful resource for architects in Hong Kong.

A good generalist architecture website that offers features and news. Tends to be more focused on US architecture. It’s also possible to submit articles for publication here. Check out our Graduate Article which they posted in 3 parts earlier this year: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Interior Design

A useful online version of the magazine with a lot of articles, news and features for projects around the world

Interior Design Association Hong

A useful resource for interior designers in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape

A useful resource for landscape architects in Hong Kong

A social networking site for landscape architects. Some good forums and a great way to connect with other landscape architects.

A nice site looking at all aspects of sustainable architecture and design. A lot of articles and project case studies.


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