Chinese City Fact: Wuxi

Wuxi would perhaps be classed as one of China’s smaller cities but with an urban population well in excess of 2.2 million people, on a global scale it is still large! It is sometimes know as the “Little Shanghai” for its prosperous economy and is regarded in China as a clean and beautiful city. Wuxi is also quite unique in that it is surrounded by canals and waterways which lead into Lake Taihu to the south of the city. These waterways are used for transportation, agricultural and fishing purposes.

Bridge in Wuxiphoto © 1999 Scott Vachalek | more info (via: Wylio)

In recent times the Wuxi government has been pushing for the city become a leading name in China for renewable energy research, development and industry. Culturally Wuxi residents are known for their wit and humour and a number of famous artists and scholars have counted it as their home town throughout history.

100_3334.JPGphoto © 2005 Thor Matthiasson | more info (via: Wylio)


For more information on Wuxi please visit:


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