The Importance of Job Title

This week we wanted to post an article we recently came across which highlights some interesting points on the importance of job title. In Asia, how someones fit within a company hierarchy is considered incredibly important and job title is often regarded as being as important as salary, benefits and duties (although our February Poll results so far suggest otherwise).

We’d be interested to hear your views on job title and your thoughts on the article, particularly if you are based in Asia and familiar with the intricacies surrounding job titles.

Please click the following link to download and read the article as a PDF:

The Economist June 2010 – Schumpeter – Too Many Chiefs

Job Title Article

Inflation in job titles is approaching Weimar levels



5 Responses to The Importance of Job Title

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  2. Michael Barry says:

    They forgot to add, ‘surface protection engineer’ = Painter

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  4. I think that titles are just that-a title and not a real indication of what a particular person does. If titles really reflected our jobs that our previous VP would be Dick Cheney the war monger not VP of the US. Workers should focus on increasing their experience and skills rather than just getting a better sounding title. In our business everyone is considered a surface protection specialist once they have completed training making everyone equal.

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