Chinese City Fact: Shenzhen

Shenzhen has grown from a small fishing town of a few thousand inhabitants in the 1970’s to one of China’s biggest cities with more than 8.9 million people. It is classed as one of the world’s fastest growing cities and a lot of this has been on the back of more than US $30 billion foreign investment into manufacturing and joint ventures.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMAphoto © 2010 FHKE | more info (via: Wylio)

Now it boasts its own Stock Exchange (Designed by OMA), the tallest building ever designed by a British Architecture firm (The Kingkey Finance Tower design by Terry Farrell and Partners) and is ranked the 3rd busiest port in China after Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Shenzhen Meridian View Centre Observatory, Shenzhen, Chinaphoto © 2010 YoTuT | more info (via: Wylio)

Most visitors travel to Shenzhen for it’s shopping where massive malls offer everything from designer handbags to high-tech electronics. Famously not all of these are legitimate products but this doesn’t stop thousands of bargain hunters flocking over the border from Hong Kong every day.

Shopping!photo © 2010 Gary Lerude | more info (via: Wylio)

Perhaps one of the most staggering facts about Shenzhen is the example of Foxconn who produce electronic components for a number of the world’s top electronic names. Controversially in the press in 2010 for concerns about employee welfare at their Shenzhen factory they actually employ between 300-450,000 workers in this one campus! A number greater than the population of Cardiff, capital of Wales!

For more on Shenzhen and the projects please visit: Shenzhen Stock Exchange Kingkey Finance Tower


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