Welcome to our blog

In this, our first post to our Ellicott Long blog, let me just outline what we hope to achieve with this blog. We set this up to act as a useful source of information for people interested in or thinking about working in the Property and Construction sector in Asia.

Over the coming weeks and months we will publish a series of articles that aim to give you an insight into the Asia Property and Construction industry. These won’t be limited to just providing tips on how to find work but will also include articles with information on projects, news and the markets in general. We hope to be able to provide a genuinely useful selection of posts that you can refer to and read with interest.

We actively encourage real interaction and feedback through our blog. Each month we will provide you with an update on the job market in the region which will include our latest job postings, news and views on how we have seen things develop over that month. In addition we will be posting regular polls and surveys to encourage comment and debate on various topics.

You can interact with us at Ellicott Long by subscribing to our blog. Please enter your email address in the “Email Subscription” box on the right side of this blog site. You will then receive a notification whenever we post a new article.

In addition please do follow us on Twitter by searching for our username @ellicottlong or click on the link: www.twitter.com/ellicottlong. We will be posting regularly with news on our latest job vacancies and posts to our blogs.

Finally, please feel free to comment on the articles you read and tell your friends about the site. If you wish to contribute an article yourself, please do not hesitate to drop us an email to info@ellicottlong.com. For more information on our company, please visit our website www.ellicottlong.com.

We hope you enjoy the blog!


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